Change is the
only constant
in a permanently
changing world.


Those who wish to use change as an opportunity should act instead of react. For this, we generate, analyze, and interpret insights. Our specialty lies in reframing the insights. This way, we can understand what motivates and influences people and markets.

We help companies
get ready for change.


The greatest opportunities for change lie in innovation. It is important to understand the zeitgeist and its relevance for users. We offer tailor-made solutions with dynamic data. This way, we create systems that our customers can use sustainably.

Start changing
your perspectives.


Questioning one's own position and processes is the beginning of transformation. We support companies and employees in these agile change processes. Our specialty lies in mediating design thinking methods. This way, we develop coachings that are tailored to the resources and goals of our customers.


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What we do

As researchers, we explore the needs and motives of users and derive insights from them.

Why do we do this?

This enables our customers to design their products in a user-relevant way and provides the basis for the development of communication and marketing strategies.

How do we do this

Market & User Pre-Screening, Qualitative & Quantitative Research, Needs & Wants Analysis, Persona Development & Implementation, Testings & Panels.

Who do we do this for?

For INEOS Automotive, we examined the basic motives of 4x4 drivers in Europe and the USA, derived the data into product requirements, and conducted the testing of the first prototypes with potential buyers.


What We Do

As consultants, we work in heterogeneous and cross-departmental teams and, if necessary and possible, with the users.

Why we do this

This way, we shape the transformation process into a customer-centered company with our customers. The goal is to enhance the company's ability to innovate and respond.

How we do this

Based on insights from user-centricity, we accompany and support companies with support and guidance in Team Staffing and Road Mapping, Problem Framing and Ideation Workshops, Purpose Workshops, Solution Design and Iteration.

Who we do this for

For Tank & Rast, we developed concepts for satisfying changing mobility needs through design thinking methods in workshops.


What we do

As agile coaches, we promote the companies' and employees' ability to design processes in a user-centered way.

Why we do this

With our coachings, we identify and build upon existing potentiality and capability so that the company can gain the ability to act on its own, which is necessary in the transformation and innovation process.

How we do this

Team Staffing, Scoping & Road Mapping, Problem Framing, Ideation, Prototyping, Testing & Iteration, Retro & Review, Implementation, Train the Trainer

Who we do this for

For the Hamburger Hochbahn, we developed coaching formats that enable employees to identify user problems and develop solutions for them.


By continuously capturing user data, you get a real-time picture of your target groups and personas. This makes it easier to implement consumer centricity in the company and enables executives to make decisions based on solid data at any time.

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By answering simple questions, you can quickly assess your projects in terms of implementation requirements, process structure, desired outcomes, and the importance of individual project components.

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Through an intuitively operable platform, you will experience the feeling and tactile sensation of real workshops on a collaborative online whiteboard. You work with handwritten post-its, always keeping the tasks in view, and communicate with your team via video conference. Whether remote, hybrid, or onsite...

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  • Do I know who my users are?

  • Do I know the needs of my users and do I understand what they need?

  • How can I keep my knowledge about the needs of my users up to date?

  • How can I develop user-centered solutions that will give my company a competitive advantage?

  • How can I better utilize the potential of my company?

  • How can I support my team in shaping the future?

  • How can I quickly obtain initial results in the form of prototype products or processes?

  • How can I test my product/service with users before launching it in the market?

provides answers.